Delight in authentic Cambodian specialties at this world-class restaurant and take a trip down memory lane of your Mother's hand magic with our delicious food items. We pride ourselves on our extensive menu, great value food, and generous portions. Come, rush into our restaurant and indulge yourself in some Deliciousness! Phum Traing’s each dish is a unique work of art.
Sleek interior design complemented by stunning views and top-notch cuisine. Indulge in a collection of signature dishes served directly to your table
More than just a restaurant, it is a destination for family and friends to enjoy in comfort and style. World-class dining that should be experienced by all gourmands visiting Cambodia and guests can enjoy leisurely lunches and dinners overlooking the beautiful nature.
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Siem Reap Angkor Wat is one of the world-class tourist destinations.
Phum Traing Restaurant & Café Gallery is delighted in offering the authentic Cambodian cuisine in central of the World Heritage Site of Siem Reap city, the Kingdom of Cambodia. Our simple Khmer architectural design of the restaurant was reflected to a daily life of the villagers in the exact location Phum Trang Village is kept alive from many centuries of the great Khmer Angkor.

Permanent exhibition of an antique and galleries will provide you an experience in our restaurant not just only to dine with us but you will bring back home of smile, memories and unforgettable flavor from the Land of Wonder. The restaurant is situated in a comfortable atmosphere in front of the Siem Reap River with green environment surrounded and composed in actual location at Phum Traing Village. Our restaurant is designed to welcome everyone who are looking for a unique local region food and we aim to be accessible by everybody.

Our oldest family recipe was blended the real flavors of authentic Khmer’s food that descended from our great Khmer ancestor of the Great Khmer Empire. You can now discover deliciousness of our foods and variety taste of yummy bite from our restaurant. We pride ourselves on our extensive menu, great value, and generous portions. We are proud in offering generous service and we guarantee that all ingredient items, vegetables and meats are fully organic and chemical free with reasonable price.

Come, rush into our restaurant and indulge yourself in greatest original flavor from ancient Khmer.

Phum Traing’s Restaurant each dish is Unique Art of food. We are Delicious Discovery.


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Angkor Cultural & Tourism Complex Junction, Phum Trang, Sangkat Slorkram, Road 60, Krong Siem Reap 17252

Working Hours


4:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Private Parties

For Private Parties and Group Dining

Mobile:+855 (0) 87578888